Featured at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park as well as headlining Disney Cruise Lines ! Disney a known entity for only the best chooses Catch A Wave for their Beach Boys show ! Today there are many choices in Beach Boys tributes. You can simply have just a "cover band" or a real tribute show. There is a big difference in a true to form tribute show such as Catch A Wave as opposed to just a Beach Boys cover band. This is why Disney's choice is CATCH A WAVE ! This show dates back to 2001 and Disney (a known entity for only the top in talent) has been using Catch A Wave since 2005. Catch A Wave (formerly known as The Beach Toys) has clearly mastered the harmonic vocals with the exact slurs, slides, scoops and Beach Boy mannerisms with an ALL LIVE SHOW ! Be careful with other so called Beach Boys tributes that are not tributes at all by definition. Many call themselves "tributes" when they are just in fact a cover band. Cover bands and tributes are not the same thing !! Before you hire a show educate yourself and read on.

When buying talent there are many issue that one may not simply be aware of that take place these days, that is misleading or misrepresenting to you the client or talent buyer. These practices outlined in this guide are Unfortunaly common place these days. This guide is designed solely for the protection of you the buyer and also to insure that what you are buying is both a honest representation and a live presentation of real live vocals. Remember Millie Vanilli ? Who wants that ?.

BE SMART AND EDUCATED WHEN BUYING TALENT: Ask if the players and singers in the video are the same ones that will actually perform your show. Many times especially with Beatles acts it is common practice to just call up a “John” , call up a “Paul and so on until 4 or in this case, 5 guys are slapped together for your event. Yes some players may know the songs but often times are meeting the others for the first time at YOUR EVENT OR SHOW. This leads only to vocal part confusion, each not knowing what the other will do or sing at any given time and just is far from tight. Not a polished show most defiantly. One must ask, Do you want a show of subs or the same cast of players that are in the video and all of the promo ? With Catch A Wave you will get the same 5 members as seen in the video, the same cast of 5 guys that have been singing together for over 13 years and the same guys in all of the promo pics.

Ask if the singers are using or making use of vocal tracks. Yes shows are actually using “fake” vocals for your show. Talk of misreprentation ! Wow what happened to just talent ? Unfortunately it is the easy way out. Now your not hiring talent but hiring Karaoke for your professional event. Think about it .

Lastly, ask if the video Demo is lip sync or live. Many times a show can go in to the studio a perfect environment and even a mediocre band can come out smelling like a rose with studio pitch correct, effects, re takes and more retakes. With live, one only gets one chance to sound right. Paperback Writer and Catch A Wave as well as all of our shows have ALL LIVE VIDEO. Yes no lip sync, no studio enhancing, no tricks or effects and done right the first time. Ask the question “ Do want want a Mille Vanilli ? or the real deal. They can sound like a million bucks on video and show up at your event sounding horrible making you and everyone look bad. This won’t happen with our shows because what you see is what you get !

CATCH A WAVE" members were personally selected to perform FOR BRIAN WILSON AND THE BEACH BOYS' FAMILIES AND FRIENDS at the California state historical landmark dedication of the home of The Beach Boys in Hawthorne, California. Other Beach Boys tributes are claiming to have performed at the Dedication in May of 2005. Make no mistake, CATCH A WAVE members were the only Beach Boys tribute show to have been selected to perform at this legendary historical event and we have the photos to prove it Below.

Only the members below have traveled the world performing theatrical venues, cruise ships, major casinos, major fairs and special events to include Disney Entertainment on the "Wave riders" stage at Disney's California Adventure Park as seen in the photo to the immediate left of this paragraph and slide show above.

The photos Below are the "CATCH A WAVE" members performing for Brian Wilson, family and friends at the California State Historical Landmark dedication. Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys' family and friends loved Catch A Wave ! So much so that it inspired Brain to bring back in some of his early tunes in his show. Check out what the national critics are saying !

Members of the The Beach Boys as well as the unbelievable Brian Wilson Band have paid personal complement to the "CATCH A WAVE" members for their tremendous detail. The unbelievable harmony work and blend. This show nails "spot on" the Southern California vocal surf sound so identified with The Beach Boys' music.

Check out what The Beach Boys' family and friends are saying about our show:

Glenn and Al Jardine
hangin' out on a break.


"Dressed in the classic striped shirts and white pants,
these guys really evoked the early days
of The Beach Boys !"

Jon Stebbins

Beach Boy historian

"They brought back such fond memories of the old days that I was in tears when I heard them sing"

Carol Wilson Bloom

Former wife of Beach Boys' original drummer Dennis Wilson

"You guys are amazing !"

Alan Boyd

Beach Boys friend / historian

"You guys look and sound just great !"

Probyn Gregory

Guitar player for The Brian Wilson Band

"Wow what an amazing performance !"

Fred Vail

First promoter of The Beach Boys/announcer for the live in Sacramento album 1964.

"Really good man !"

Jeffrey Foskett

Former music director for The Brian Wilson Band.

Brian Wilson signs a guitar for Beach Boys' drummer Bobby Figueroa at the California
Historical Landmark dedication party. Brian's wife Melinda looks on...
AND YES.. ..That's us PERFORMING in the background !